We Won again! 1/12/07

On August 26, 2003, I decided to give in to the criminals who were ddos (distributed denial of service) attacking my systems, because of a hobby I was one of the participants of, and shut down Several months later, the criminals were identified as an employee of, and arrests were made. During the attack, Steve Rombom, AKA Steve Rambam of called me and informed me he was going to sue me, and in December of 2003 began legal preceedings against me and my company, OsiruSoft Research & Engineering. Irrespective of obvious facts, he has chosen to go after me and my company with full intention of driving it into bankruptcy by making it financially impossible to win. I have since employed the counsel of Aaron Morris, Esq, of as an effort to minimize sanctions and to win this case, but again, that would have been Steve's goal, to make it costly enough for me to defend myself to bankrupt my company from such a ridiculous and frivilous lawsuit. has not once received funding for its operations at any time, because I take a rigid attitude towards hobbies that they are non-existant entities. Contributions are only received to offset the cost of defending myself in court against Pallorium, and any excesses, if they exist will go towards cases that involve other fellow anti spam individual's cases.

If you would like to help, send your checks or money orders to:
OsiruSoft Research & Engineering
4889 LaBelle Drive
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In the memo field, please reference Pallorium Vs. Jared.
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Jem Berkes $19.00 Paypal $-29614.27 10/14/2005 - Current Expenditures
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Beverly Ickes $100.00 Check
Paul Browning $47.75 Paypal 391.1
Carel Bitter $47.75 Paypal 8/31/2004
Eddie Rickenbacker $15.72 Paypal
Hermes Group $19.12 Paypal
Patricia Shaffer $50.00 Check
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Ken Sims $48.25 Paypal 276.34
Anonymous(requested) $19.22 Paypal 9/1/2004
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Hypertouch Inc $485.20 Paypal 913.39
Rex Karz $40.00 Check 9/2/2004
Atro Tossavainen $341.54 Paypal 9/3/2004
Catherine Hampton $100.00 Check 9/4/2004
Lan & PC Services $400.00 Check
Clark O. Morgan $75.00 Check
Thomas W. Gibson $25.00 Check 600
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Michael Doughney $72.52 Paypal 91.64
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Claus T. $50.00 Cash
Will Dickson $600.00 Check
Ron Tansly $100.00 Check
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Chip Rosenthal $48.25 Paypal 919.25
Randolf Richardson $112.33 Check $150.00 canadian
Peter Lada $50.00 Check
Claus T. $70.00 Cash 9/10/2004
Alan E. Frisbie $200.00 Check
Kryptonite Computers $48.25 Paypal 9/12/2004
Joey McNicol Legal Defence Fund & Matthew Sullivan (Sorbs) $960.70 Paypal 9/13/2004
Some Bastard $19.22 Paypal Requested anonymity
Anonymous spamhater $19.22 Paypal 9/15/2004
Pauline Lefebvre $23.72 Paypal
Marc H. Fishman $100.00 Check 142.94
Gabriela Gomez $9.41 Paypal 9/17/2004
Clare Elliott $18.92 Paypal 9/21/2004
Carl Byington $100.00 Check
Rex Tincher $50.00 Check 9/26/2004
SandesNet $23.97 Paypal 10/7/2004
Cadbury Moose $100.60 Paypal 11/7/2004
Anonymous $145.35 Paypal
Michael Hofer $23.97 Paypal 269.92
Atro Tossavainen $143.85 Paypal 11/8/2004 For your fight against Pallorium
Sean Embry $200.00 Check Legal Defense (gift)
Claus T. $75.00 cash exact date unknown
Anonymous $48.25 Paypal 1/19/2005
Jeffrey Swanson $9.41 Paypal
Joe Sewell $23.97 Paypal 81.63
lawrence treanor $9.41 Paypal 1/20/2005
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lawrence treanor $9.41 Paypal
Transtronics, Inc. $9.41 Paypal
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Joey McNicol Legal Defence Fund & Matthew Sullivan (Sorbs) $1537.30 Paypal 3/22/05
Carl Byington $100.00 Check
Joey McNicol Legal Defence Fund & Matthew Sullivan (Sorbs) $2113.90 Paypal 4/16/05
Conrad Longmore $95.80 Paypal 6/28/05
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Donald Gregg $19.12 Paypal 8/10/05
MB Goatly $28.53 Paypal
Alan Monaghan $28.53 Paypal
Paul Vader $72.52 Paypal $148.70 $96.80 Paypal 8/17/05
Rex Karz $40.00 Money order 8/22/05
 Atro Tossavainen $239.95 Paypal 10/31/05
Jos van der Ende $191.90 Paypal
mark b foster $72.52 Paypal 11/4/05
Ken Sims $50.00 Paypal 11/9/05
Claus T. $100.00 Cash 11/15/05
Claus T $50.00 Cash 11/21/05
Rex Tincher $50.00 Check
Frank Ulmer $28.83 Paypal 7/23/06
Sean Embry $200.00 12/7/06
MB Goatly $47.75 Paypal 1/13/07
Rune Persson $47.75 Paypal
Atro Tossavainen $95.80 Paypal 4/8/07
Alan Monaghan $28.83 Paypal 4/9/07
barton bruce $28.83 Paypal 4/10/07
beverly E. Ickes $50.00 Check 4/10/07

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It seems someone has taken the time to create a wikipedia entry on Steve Rombom. In advance, my intent is to move past this case and get on to my wonderful life with my wife, and not collate garbage on anyone. Still, it's interesting. I personally hope that when history documents me it would be as someone who was of service to humanity, not at war with it.

As should be obvious from the referenced cases, this lawsuit will continue ad infinitum, and will be appealed and refiled until its conclusion serves Mr Rombom's needs. This lawsuit has little if anything to do with reality, more like being a bullseye in a targetting range. Mr. Rombom is fully aware of the hobbiest nature of the site, as well as the ddos attack against it, prohibiting the ability to help him. To that end, Mr. Rombom has gone through my entire life as an attempt to intimidate, extort ($12,000 was the last attempted extortion), and harrass. The irony of this tactic is that it is the exact tactic that has been used against him in past years, and the exact reason he is suing others.